Welcome to Vitis

We believe in performance, reliability and support - No compromises! From the vineyard to the receival area and onto the bottling hall – Know you are getting the best equipment, tools and specialist service to meet your processing demands and the confidence that you have full support for the life of your equipment. Vitis - working with you to deliver quality and success.

What's New

TANKERING SPARGER – 3 inch in-line sparger - Fast flow – large sparging surface area via 2” x 5” sparging element.


Looking Ahead................

Europe will be having August Holidays soon followed by the northern Vintage – So it’s time to get your orders in for those big budget items from Europe, that involve 60+ days build times and 50 day shipping times. Order now and rest easy knowing your new equipment will be delivered and commissioned ready for our 2015 Vintage.

  • PRESSES : - Significantly reduce those pressing times with DELLA TOFFOLA central membrane presses and receival equipment
  • CROSS FLOW FILTERING : No more worrying about what additives are in your wine before cross flowing! The DELLA TOFFOLA Ceremic CFK Cross Flows can filter wine regardless of additives. AND it can be sterilised using 70° C water.
  • VINYARDS – do it once, do it right with Tuckaway Staples
  • CLEANING - Karcher & Kerrick Hot and Cold Water Blasters
  • LEAN CLEANING – Ring Kylie for her fantastic range of colour coded general cellar cleaning tools and equipment – from buckets to squeegees to specialised tank scrubbing brushes – She has a wide range of colours for every occasion!
  • SPARGING – We have a full range of sparging equipment from large diameter sintered stainless tube through to ready to use drop-in and in-line spargers. Ask us about our NEW Tanker Sparger for fast and efficient wine transfers.

And much more..............

the team at Vitis – Cathy, Pete, Kylie and Colin!

Grape Sample Press

NEW INNOVATION. Quick and easy to use. Get accurate sample results with consistency with the new nZee Press grape sampling press - in the lab or in the field! Air driven pneumatic pressing plate.

Rousseau Barrels & vats

Open Top Fermentor


For the toughest bin on the block choose Capp Plast Harvest Bins Carrying NZs harvest for over 21 years. Early orders essential. Call us now

Pumps and spare parts

Still available a limited range of impelllor, eccentric worm, piston and peristaltic pumps.

Comprehensive range of spare parts for Manzini, Kiesel, Liverani, John Brooks and OBL pumps - impellors, stators, rotors, mechanical seals etc etc etc.

Cellar Tools

Cellar Equipment Catalog

Comprehensive range of cellar equipment and tools available ex-stock now. 

Racking Plates, Barrel Spears, Spargers, Barrel Stirrers, Dip Tapes, Spray Balls, Rotary Cleaning Heads, Spanners  etc

Cellar Equipment Catalogue

Wine Samplers

Wine Samplers

Barrel thieves, valanches, sample cocks and dip tubes in stock .

Wine Samplers Catalogue

Stainless Fittings

Stainless Fittings

Full range of stainless fittings available ex-stock - RJT, Tri-clover, Camlock, Butterfly & Ball Valves, Hosetails,  T's, Y's and gas fittings.

Adaptors - Camlock to RJT/Tri-clover, Gas to RJT/Tri-clover etc. Our speciality!

 Custom fittings made to order - normally overnight.

Stainless Fittings Catalogue



Wide range of pigs available now - but flying out fast!

Cleaning Pigs Catalogue

Barrel Spears

Barrel Spears

In stock now - gas operated and plain barrel spears.

Barrel Spears Catalogue

RR Taylor Turret Fittings

RR Taylor Turret Fittings

Developed especially for the New Zealand market!! Male plug adaptors with 6mm and 10mm tails.

RR Taylor Turret Fittings Catalogue

Lab Equipment

Most Lab Equipment is available ex stock - come into the shop to view our range and check our catalogue for full product listing. Call Kylie.


*** NEW *** Winery Equipment for Hire

Hire Equipment Equipment available for hire. Daily and weekly rates available.

  • Tenco semi-automatic benchtop stelvin screw-capper
  • Tenco vacuum filler with or without cartidge filter
  • 20 x 20 plate & frame filter - suitable for lab and hobby
  • Karcher hot and cold water water-blaster
  • Kiesel barrel washer
  • Cage presses - both stainless and wooden cages.
  • Crusher de-stemmers up to 1T per hour.
  • Crusher only - motorised.

Other equipment may be available on request.